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sean will be back here monday have a great weekend everyone! ♪ ♪ >> greta: tonight the health care bill is now a law. for some the fight continues. >> you work for us! >> health care! >> when do we want it? >> now! >> health care now! >> greta: the health care battle is moving from congress to a new battlefield the courts. moments after president obama signed the new bill into law, 14 attorneys general from across the country sued the federal government. you will meet some of those attorneys general tonight. first, a different health care bill was signed last month. not at the white house, but in virginia. virginia governor mcdonnell signed into law that bars the federal government forcing
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virginians to buy health insurance. he on the record about his state's battle against the federal government. you also have been the attorney general so you knee job pretty well. did you consult with the attorney general when he made his decision to file suit? >> i did. he advised me he had been doing the legal research over the last couple of months about this claim. and we both believed that individual mandate passed by the united states congress is not authorized under the commerce clause of the united states constitution. and so we think it is not a proper act on the people of virginia. we passed a bill during the course of this last general assembly session that went into effect to weeks -- two weeks ago tonight says it is not permissible to force the citizens of virginia to purchase health insurance under penalty of law. we've got standing under that new end actment that i signed
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today. that's the basis for our lawsuit against the federal government. >> greta: you obviously saw this coming if it had been discussed and you passed a new law and signed it. what is your legislature democratic majority or republican majority? >> this was a bipartisan effort. primarily introduced by republican legislators. but we have a democratic senate it passed 23-17 in the senate. and we have a republican house but it passed overwhelming. 66-29 that's what the minority leader voting. i was a bipartisan effort. you may have seen the other night that 7 out of the 11 united states house of representatives members from virginia voted against the health care reform bill. so i think we've got fairly significant opposition to this bill in virginia. the most important thing is that even in a divided legislature, our people have spoken out saying we don't want an individual mandate on
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the citizens of virginia. we don't believe it is permissible. therefore, these are issues that should be left to the states. >> greta: basically virginia says we don't want to be bossed around by the feds. we are not going to be told to buy health insurance if we don't want to. assume you win and someone has no insurance and gets into a terrible motorcycle accident and ends up in the emergency room and then intensive care unit for three months. who pays for that at that point? >> under the current law, that would be born either by medicaid or it would be borne by some other state entity or in some cases unfortunately, those bills are written off by the local ers. i'm not saying and i don't think anybody that vetted for this legislation is saying that we don't need reform, we do. we need better access to care
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for people. we need lower costs. we've got the greatest system in the world. what we don't want to do is turnover 1/6 of the economy to the government. that is going to mean 1.1 billion dollars of new spending in medicaid over the next 10 years. 400 billion dollar taken from medicare to fund this. it is going to be a dramatic increase in taxes. 400 billion dollars in new taxes for americans. so, we are saying there's better ways to do this . tort reform, more choices. there's other things that are constitutionally permissible that would have been okay. this individual mandate on the citizens of virginia and every other state we don't think is authorized by congress. it is a matter of principle we thought we needed to oppose this. >> greta: it has been filed in federal court in virginia. it is called the rocket docket and scares the living daylights out of any lawyers who practiced in your state, because it goes so fast.
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in light of that, how fast do you think this is going to proceed? give me an idea of the track on this. >> the attorney general filed it yesterday. it is in what is called a declaratory judgment action many we are just asking the court to rule on the merits of the petition based on our virginia statute that we just enacted saying no mandates are permissible in virginia. and in the federal law that says you must have a mandate under penalty of law. they can rule on the nature of the legal brief and of the laws themselves. it is not going to take a lot of evidence. it is not going to take a number of hearings. i don't think the attorney general -- there's been a judge assigned. i don't think we've got a hearing scheduled yet. i think the impact is so significant, particularly there's no severability clause in the federal act i think the courts are going to want to hear it soon. our law doesn't go into effect
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until july 1st. the federal mandate doesn't go into effect until december 2013. so it is not going to affect people in virginia immediately. but everybody wants to know what this answer is. because it could undermine the entire federal act. >> greta: stays are not just fighting the federal government states are also stating them service. michigan attorney general cox joined a lawsuit against the federal government. michigan's governor granholm says hold it right there. now the michigan attorney general is in a battle with himself. how did that happen? governor granholm. >> two problems. one is that as the state attorney general events the state of michigan as an entity and i'm his main client. his main client has been one of the governors who has been a co-chair of the governor's task force trying to get in bill through. because it helps michigan. so he wears two hats. he can file on behalf of
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himself as the attorney general or on behalf of some other entity or the people. but he cannot file on behalf of the state of michigan. he does not represent me so i've asked him instead, as my lawyer, to file in that very case on the other side. or at least to file an amicus on the other side. i will not allow him to speak for the state government when the state government has been seeking to get this reform passed because it helps the state of michigan. >> greta: the intrigue of having them sue for the state and represent but in fighting the suit he has filed. in wisconsin i've learned the other night, the attorney general cannot file a lawsuit without specific permission on behalf of the governor or the legislature. do have you that specific requirement in your state? >> yeah. if he's representing the state of michigan. that means he's representing the executive branch, the agencies, the governor. he cannot file against my
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wishes on the side that he has filed. he can file as the attorney general. he can file on behalf the people. but he cannot file on behalf of the state government. and the state of michigan. he's my client. >> greta: he could legitimately go forward and say i don't represent the state that's the governor but i represent the people and i'm going forward one aspect, he could proceed that way? >> he could proceed that way. he has the constitutional authority to do that. but as my lawyer he cannot represent me or the state government. and he would have to -- i'm asking him to file on the other side to intervene on the other side so that the -- my wishes as governor and the state agencies are represented in that suit. that's the first problem. i mentioned there are two problems. the second problem of course, the claims just don't have merit. in terms of the commerce clause and congress' ability
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to regulate. i haven't found a single constitutional scholar who thinks that this has actual merit. i think on both substance and process, he's got a problem. >> greta: back to the other one. what would typically happen if he weren't your lawyer, because you're the governor, you would get another lawyer and that lawyer would send a letter to him saying don't do it. because of the peculiar nature of the relationship between the attorney general and the governor in michigan, he in essence had to write himself a letter saying don't represent the state, right? >> sort of. he has to set up a conflict wall inside the office. and have a lawyer or a couple of lawyers representing the state government, the state of michigan. i was the attorney general of michigan too. and i had conflicts often political conflicts with my predecessor who was a republican and i'm a democrat. so i understand this happens. what you can't do is to go in
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against your client's wishes and purport to represent that client and that's what he has done. >> greta: have you talked to him about this or did you get notice? >> no notice whatsoever. the first time i heard about it >> greta: when the media called. >> yes. >> greta: he is someone who has previously been day aggressive towards blue cross/ blue shield in the state of michigan is that right? >> yes. he's had his causes. he's also running for governor as a republican. obviously, a felter in his political cap or in his calculation. however, i can tell you greta, you know i'm sure this battle will play out in states across the country from a political perspective. there will be a lot of people in michigan who are benefited by this. and who won't like it for example the kids who are
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almost 27-years-old and who may have their health insurance taken away if this were successful. who aren't going to like him intervening on their behalf. he's not representing them or any of the others who will be benefiting. >> greta: mike cox fires back at governor granholm. the tea party express hits the road again. people are angry about health care and they are not keeping quiet. former governor is gives you the inside story, minutes from now. [ advisor 1 ] what do you see yourself doing one week,
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oh my. [ male announcer ] quattron from sharp. you have to see it, to see it. [ engineer laughs ] >> greta: you just heard michigan governor granholm go on the record. she is battling michigan's attorney general mike cox because he joined a lawsuit against the federal government claiming the new health care bill is unconstitutional.
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now attorney general cox strikes back. why is this important? >> the people of michigan under michigan law, i as the attorney general can intervene in federal cases on behalf of the interests of the people of michigan. as you know, never before has the federal government, congress or the president forced a consume -- con somer the price of citizen sthoeup buy a product that is unprecedented use of the interstate commerce clause and we believe unconstitutional. >> greta: before we get to that question. i'm trying to figure out. i learned in one state attorney general has to have permission from the governor or state legislature it didn't have that can you go forward -- governor granholm says you can't represent the state of michigan because she the client then which i don't fully understand but you can represent the people of michigan. can you make your own decision
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without getting her authorization or your legislature? >> yes. that is custom in michigan for 150 plus years. as she indicated last night, she has prior fights as it were, with the prior governor of michigan where she took a different side when she was attorney general. >> greta: if i were to pull up that pleading in florida would it say the state of michigan or the people of michigan? i was curious, she says if it says state of michigan she has asked to you stop doing that and write yourself a letter and tell you to stop doing that >> it says the state of michigan. as tens -- tons of federal cases we are part of now i as the people's lawyer here have intervened on behalf of the state of michigan. under the federal court rules it is customary that the attorney general speaks for the state. given the governor's request, we are going to accommodate her request and change the caption to say attorney
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general mike cox on behalf of the people of michigan. if she so chooses, she hasn't yet, she can intervene on president obama's side. >> greta: as you heard virginia passed a law barring the government from forcing virginians to buy health insurance. will that virginia law give the state a stronger case against the federal government? virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli. what is the complaint? >> this year virginia passed what we call freedom act on a bipartisan basis blocks individual man days for health care for virginia the city . the mandate of the federal bill is in conflict with that we will go to court to defend the virginia statute. normally, as you know the supremacy clause would lead to the federal bill trumping except when it is not constitutional that's where our allegation that the bill is unconstitutional comes in. they have overreached the commerce clause here we don't
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think the commerce clause can support in bill: . >> greta: in order to win you have to get what aspect -- the fed says do the mandate you have to declare this unconstitutional the judge to get the state law to trouble the federal. >> the unconstitutional aspect is the individual mandate on americans that they must buy health insurance or face penalties of over -- overreaches the authority of the congress under the commerce clause. buying health insurance can be said to be an act in commerce. not buying health insurance, doing nothing is not an act in commerce. it is never before been included in a federal law to mandate that individual citizens buy something from some other entity. >> greta: it seems of all the states i've seen so far you are the strongest argument because you have this virginia statute. any another state that has a statute like that pending -- i
10:18 pm
mean enacted? >> i am told that idaho has passed a law instruct their ag to sue i'm not sure if it includes the anti-mandate provision that gives standing. that standing debate those sorts of things that happen before you get to the main event are a big challenge in constitutional cases. virginia is in an excellent position better than many others to get over that first hurdle and get to the contest about the commerce clause. >> greta: next, wisconsin attorney general wants to sue the federal government. something is stopping him. what? find out next. four women are here who went to town halls and took on members of congress over health care. what are the women saying now? find out in a minutes. and now i know without enough,
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>> greta: 13 states joined forces to sue the federal government over health care. virginia filing a separate suit. 13 states suing together picked florida for the scene of their battle. florida attorney general bill mccollum went on the record about the grins of the lawsuit. >> we -- about the grounds of the lawsuit. >> we believe the 12 other states besides florida that it is unconstitutional for the federal government to mandate or require somebody to buy health insurance. you do not have an elastic commerce clause the federal government has no right to require private citizen to buy a product or service because they are living, sitting in a chair or existing. there are a number of supreme court cores that rule that in addition, there is no right for the federal government to take the resources of the state to basically manipulate them and
10:22 pm
control them in the way this bill would do with respect to the medicaid program and a lot of the other services in the state of florida and many other states. the cost to my state len is billions that our taxpayers could not afford and assume to do something for the federal government that the government should be doing. there are court cases and precedents that say the -- the two together give us the opportunity to challenge this. we believe the u.s. supreme court will rule the entire health care bill out on the table today the president signed unconstitutional. >> greta: of the state attorneys general are many of them democrats? >> yes. buddy caldwell of louisiana. the rest are republicans. we have reason to believe there already will be two or three more democrats that join us. most of the state attorneys generals even those who have not yet filed a suit or joined ours understand the impact this has on their states and
10:23 pm
the problem with the individual right of choice with the individual. it is unprecedented greta, for us to have this sweeping attack not only on the rights of an individual to be free from the federal government telling them to have to buy a product or service they can require you under the premise that would be in this bill to go out and buy a car or to buy a membership in a club or something. also unprecedented to have this much -- people want to call it an unfunded mandate. this is much more this is taking state's resources and putting it to use for the federal government's purposes and manipulating the states to their end to a drina is above the sovereign protections that are in the constitutions of states. we think we will win on that basis. we all believe that deeply. >> greta: wisconsin's attorney general wants to join the other states and sue but so far hasn't is stopping him?
10:24 pm
attorney general van hole lend went on the record. -- he won't let you sue? >> we have written a letter to the governor and to the leadership in both the house and senate in wisconsin. any of them could give me the authority to sue, one has to give me authority and -- or i can't. not told me but members of the press that they are not going to give me the authority to sue that doesn't mean the battle is over. the full bodies of either house or legislature can still call for a polling motion through procedural motion can bring this to the floor for a vote i think we've got a chance at prevailing if that were allowed to occur. >> greta: are you a republican sir? >> i am. >> greta: the governor is a democrat. you said you haven't heard from i am -- from him. i saw a letter dated march 25th, are you telling me i the
10:25 pm
letter before you one? >> he must have gotten the address wrong. i did see it in press. but we have not received a copy of the letter in my office yet. >> greta: in the letter, he -- he said the lawsuit you suggest is live from and political attempt to thwart the acts of congress and the law. it doesn't sound like there is much wiggle room with this governor. >> i don't think there is going to be much wiggle room for him. he's been a staunch supporter of president obama. he's not running for reelection. the rule of law is not going to dictate what he is willing to do in a case like this. in the past when i've asked for his approval to fight federal preemption in a number of cases, probably 10 or so cases in the three years since i've been attorney general, he's approved in all of those cases. this is unusual from a legal perspective. from a political perspective, i'm not surprised he didn't
10:26 pm
grant me the authority. >> greta: it is a political decision with him? >> truly think it is. we made it clear and you said you have a copy of our letter. we made it very clear we are making a decision or a request to sue the federal government, based upon solid legal footing. we said this isn't about health care this is about state sovereignty about the federal government overreaching this is about the commerce clause taken to a level by congress that it has never been taken to before. >> greta: next, our special town hall panel. four women who went to town halls and were against the health care bill are back to go on the record. what do they say now? you have heard about the so-called louisiana purchase. tonight, louisiana senator mary landrieu gives her side of the story. did she make a backroom deal or being hammered unfairly? we report, you decide, coming up. got a great way to hit back.
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. >> greta: we have four special guests. they all went to town halls and did not like the health care bill. what do they say now that the bill is law? first small business owner catherine grey made headlines after giving a congresswoman an earful at a town hall. nice to see you again. >> hi greta nice to see you too. >> greta: the last time you and i spoke was about february 25th, when the president had health care summit at the blair house across from the white house. you were opposed to the health care bill. has your opinion changed? >> no, greta my opinion has not changed. i was in opposition to it. it took me a couple of days to really absorb what had happened when that bill was signed. i went from being incredibly
10:30 pm
depressed to doing a lot of soul-searching and taking an assessment. with that health bill having been put into play months ago and my becoming actively involved against it planted for me several seeds. those seeds have continued to grow and it is what i am relying on now to look at the 2010 election look at 2012 election and work in my own backyard to see more conservatives, fiscal conservatives elected into office. it is incredibly important to me at this time. >> greta: apart from your political view now stabbed as time has transpired. a practice cal question, do you anticipate this health care bill will affect your bakery or have any practical impact on you? >> well, from what i've been able to ascertain and what i've read, yes. i believe it will have a negative impact. i still many not able to afford health insurance for myself or my family.
10:31 pm
this bill does not necessarily help me work in that direction. it has done nothing to reduce the cost of health insurance for me. what it has done is added further burden to the debt that all of us experience and feel especially in the way of inflation and especially in the way of increased costs. when we look at what we have to spend, my money goes less further. those are real issues for me that i struggle with everyday and millions do. for 2010 we need to look for candidates that are willing to repeal this bill, defund this bill, look at real ways to reduce taxes for us working americans. >> greta: i only have 20 seconds left. were you politically active prior to the discussion of the health care bill and the stimulus bill? >> no actually i wasn't politically active. i was one of those americans who put my head down. i worked hard everyday. i believed in playing by the
10:32 pm
rules. i paid my taxes. i showed up on time. i did everything i was told and taught to do. when this health care bill came out it was actually at the tail end of tarp. at the tail end of bailing out gm. the tail end of taking so much of the american money and the government spending it the way they chose even though people were up in arms saying no don't bail these companies out! as a result health care has almost become a smoke screen. i've found that now that health care has been passed and we can move on, it is almost a godsend for me, because there is so much more that we need to do. we need to move on. we need a different administration that understands what it is to build businesses, to create jobs and to put people to work. >> greta: you may remember this video. sheila jackson lee caught on tape using her cell phone while being asked a question at a town hall. tracy miller is the woman who asked the congresswoman that question. earlier she won't on the record. nice to have you back on the
10:33 pm
show. >> thanks for having me back. >> greta: the last time we spoke was the -- the health care bill had not been passed. it is now law. have you changed your view? i know you were posed before. have you changed your view in the last five or six weeks? >> no, i haven't changed my view. it has just become more solidified that i'm posed to what is now a new law. >> greta: why are you posed and what are you going to do about it -- why are you opposed to it and what are you going to do about it, if anything? >> as i mentioned before it affects me as my own health care. i believe that the doctor and patient should be making decisions about the health care choices and consumers should be making their own health care insurance choices and not corrupt politicians in d.c.. i believe this is medical
10:34 pm
malpractice since the government is inserting itself and they don't have a license to practice medicine. >> greta: are you satisfied at least as far as -- is washington paying attention to all the issues that are consuming you? should health care been on the top of the agenda now or are there other issues? >> no, i don't think this is a top issue. i think d.c. was paying attention to the voices of the people, her in the halls of congress, there would be cons -- concentration on creating jobs. i'm not sure this president knows how to create jobs. certainly people could afford health care insurance if they could get jobs. i'm close to losing my own benefits because i'm unemployed and looking for a job. i still don't want the rest of america to take this poison pill to prevent me from having a little bit of hardship potentially.
10:35 pm
this bill wouldn't help me this isn't going into effect for four more years. >> greta: in pennsylvania katie took on senator arlen specter. what does katie say now? nice to see. >> you too greta. >> greta: i think it is fair to say that you showed lots of passion last summer with senator specter. i'm wondering if any of that passion for the issues has changed since we last spoke? are you still passionate about issues? >> i have to tell you. when the bill went through, i really was distressed, upset, really aggravated at what this administration had done. you can see obama and everybody else's arrogance. nancy pelosi, when they signed this into law, it is ridiculous in regards to my passion, it is still there, i'm a little more fired up right now. trying to divert that into different venues. >> greta: do you consider
10:36 pm
yourself part of the tea party movement? >> yes, but first and foremost i consider myself a conservative before i'm part of the movement in general, i would say yes. >> greta: do you think washington is listening? not whether or not they agree with you. but whether they are listening and considering things that you and people who think like you have to offer? >> i think they are not listening. they are also trying to antagonize people it seems like. nancy pelosi walking across the lawn to congress was a show in itself. to see her walking with that giant gavel between all those people like they were looking for something to happen. i think that -- it is just not right what they are doing right now. they are trying to antagonize the good people of this country. >> greta: are your friends feeling the same as you are softened a little bit or harsher you get into arguments
10:37 pm
how do you friends feel? >> i have one or two friends that were excited and thought it was great. most of my friends are worried about the future. definitely worried about the future with all the things that are going on in this bill. nancy pelosi said we'll find out what's in the bill once it is passed into law. i would never buy a car without test driving it and making sure i have the insurance and looking over that with a fine tooth comb. why would you institute something thank you don't know what's inside -- something that you don't know what's inside of it. >> greta: do you intend to be politically ive between now and november? >> i'm absolutely going to be politically active. i'm helping for colonel frank ryan in our district in pennsylvania and going around the country speaking at different groups and trying to endorse different people that are good people that want to get this country back on the right track. >> greta: dana is also a tea party organizer. she went on the record.
10:38 pm
nice to see. >> hi greta, thanks for having me back. >> greta: when i think of you of course, i think of you in the tea party and your enthuse yam for it in the midwest. are you still as enthusiastic or not? have you gotten a little disinterested? >> not at all i am still just as enthusiastic and determined as ever to make sure that we at some point return to limited government, restore a little more individual liberty back to the people and that we get our congress to listen to the will of the people which they did not demonstrate when this latest bit of legislation was passed. >> greta: when you say will of the people, what part of the will of the people is washington not listening to? >> well, after the president -- i understand the president was elected. one of the things he was concerned about was health care reform.
10:39 pm
i thought reform was needed. cost control measures are absolutely needed. he broke a handful of promises is one that he said he was going to keep. i was upset because i felt as though we learned more and more about the policies, the plans that were included in this legislation not just with health care, with cap and trade, the financial reform, educational reform. we started seeing how damaging this was to individual liberty. how damaging to the economy. we began feeling what the affects of that on our economy after the stimulus failed. and the majority of the people in poll after poll said this in the polling data, said this at the town halls, to their representatives they said they wanted things done differently many they did not want health care reform approached in this manner. they wanted different cost cutting measures and congress ignored them. they were brave enough to sign the bill. they were shocked that all of
10:40 pm
these people who had been going to town halls since spring they were unupset this legislation had been enacted without their consent. >> greta: are you saying the government has been dismissive of your views? they may not agree, are they dismissive? >> absolutely here in missouri, several polls showed that they disapproved of how congress was handling this legislation and of that which was in in bill and wanted everything to be broadcast and didn't want all this stuff going behind closed doors. we had a senator and representative from the state that were a rubber stamp and supportive of everything coming down the pike from this administration despite what their constituents were saying. we saw this not just in missouri but the other states across the union. i thought they were incredibly dismissive and ignored the will of the people. >> greta: next, senator landrieu guess on the record about the so-called louisiana purchase.
10:41 pm
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rafferty. out of washington former kansas senator and one time presidential candidate bob dole has been hospitalized. he's undergoing extensive physical therapy after knee surgery. also preparing for surgery on his other knee done in chicago later nun. a spokesman tells fox news bob dole is doing great. good and bad news today for out of work americans. first the good news. labor department tells us business has added 162,000 jobs in march. some call it the first concrete sign of an economic recovery. the bad news the unemployment rate remains unchanged at 9.7%. eight million americans have lost their jobs since the recession began. president obama admits that is staggering. i'm marianne rafferty. >> greta: over and over you have heard about the so-called louisiana purchase.
10:45 pm
did senator mary landrieu make a backroom deal for her health care vote or so she being hammered unfairly? we report, you decide. i take it you don't use that reference to the provision in the health care reform bill. >> absolutely not. not only do i not like it it is a mischaracterization about what happened. it is not a special deal for me it is a fair deal for the people of louisiana. what happened is the levees broke and the hurricane hit and the levees broke and our personal income went up 40%, personal income went up, according to the federal government 40%. it has never happened in the history of the country. it is false and it is not right. >> greta: why did it go up? >> because all the extra money that poured into the stay. the federal government claims we are 40% richer. we fixed it. did not fix it secretly. john mccain continues to say it was secret because he
10:46 pm
didn't know about it. just because it is unknown to him doesn't mean it is secret. >> greta: was that a one time deal? how does the income go up because of the jobs? your employment is two points below the national average. i don't understand how the income goes up is a reason to get something in in bill. >> when the income goes up 40% our medicaid reimbursement drops. the income that was raised by 40% was not because we had 40% more business or 40% of the people were richer. it is because of the insurance money that poured in, the federal funding that poured it and it is artificially increased our per capital income. it has happened in hawaii as well. i publicly announced a year before -- two weeks before barack obama got sworn in and a year ago publicly announced we were going to fix this. the governor and i, my republican governor stood with me at a public news conference
10:47 pm
and explained why we needed a fix. and we've attempted to get a fix. we make no apologies for it and it wasn't a special deal. >> greta: 40% income every person? that sounds like a better deal than before. some people are sailing people are 40% richer then why do you need the money, explain it to me. >> let me try. i don't believe and know that the people of our state are not 40% richer. that's the deal. the federal government is saying we are. it is a joke. >> greta: you are not 40% richer? >> the federal government is saying we are. the federal government's formula, we are 40% richer. that is why the governor and i stood shoulder to shoulder to tell the federal government that is incorrect, we are not 40% richer and we tried to change the law so we could continue to pay the same amount for medicaid that we've paid for the last 10 years.
10:48 pm
>> greta: this doesn't change your contribution? arbitrary matrix is what you are saying? >> exactly. that's why we have been unfairly criticized for this we have always paid in louisiana 70 cents on every dollar for medicaid and the federal government has paid 30. we want to continue that if we wouldn't have changed this provision, which i championed and i'm proud to champion, we would have ended up having to pay 60% and the federal government would have paid 40. or the reverse we would have ended up paying more in other words. >> greta: i've looked at some numbers your unemployment level in december is 2.2% lower than the national average, which is good. i also noticed that foreclosure rate is lower than most states, which is good. which suggests to me the economy in louisiana is on an upward trend. that's why i wondered why this other number this 40%, why you need, you know, why you need
10:49 pm
this help? >> well, our foreclosure rate is lower, that's because we have 60,000 blighted homes in the city of new orleans and surrounding areas. our foreclosure rate is lower because we didn't get foreclosed on by the credit crunch. we got foreclosed on by the flood. foreclosures don't mean anything to us. the bottom line is, we never asked for a special provision. we never did it secretly. i was done in a bipartisan way. our legislature passed a public resolution. our governor signed a letter asking us to fix it. and i did. the fix is only that louisiana will continue to pay the same amount we've been paying for the last 10 years. >> greta: next, you go to the latest launch of the tea party express with former governor sarah palin. some people are not happy about health care. senate majority leader harry reid is hearing about
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
>> greta: tea party express is on the road again rumbling across the country. 44 cities, 20 days
10:53 pm
arriving washington on tax day april 15th. first stop march 27th, three cities in nevada including harry reid's hometown of searchlight. some are furious about the health care bill and our own griff jenkins has been covering the events. >> reporter: at the center of the tea party movement the recently passed health care legislation appears to be a driving force. repealing it seems to be the rallying call. concern it will lead to rising cost and reduction in the quality of care as we learned when we spent time with them in nevada last weekend we they kicked off that across country trek with governor sarah palin leading the charge. >> it is such a crock obama care is every hour people are going to find out more and more about what it entails and how it adversely affects our nation as individuals, as businesses, as families, it is a tremendous hurt on our country it does tell you someth-a if fidel castro says he thinks obama care is just fine.
10:54 pm
these people say obama care is not just fine. >> we as americans have to stand up. >> too much money. this is ridiculous. >> we elected those people to serve us and they are not doing that they are serving themselves. >> a slap in the face to america. >> health care legislation galvanized people because it contains every objection you could possibly have to the way washington is being run right now. the way it was rammed through. the way the rules were made up as they went along. the fact they can compel us or they think they can to buy a private insurance policy and then tax us on it, absolutely, they cannot do that. >> the rights of the people of nevada have been trampled by congress in an effort to pass through health care measure which both takes additional tax money out of their pockets. it disproportionately affects their rights and it doesn't involve the answer or the question about improving health care. >> people are furious about
10:55 pm
this they feel like they weren't listened to of course when obama won and now they feel like they really are not listened to and the administration is going what are you going to do about it. they want us to for >> if the only thing we can do is go to the polls in november and fight back by god that's what we all need do. >> this so-called health care bill is a health care takeover of the -- by the government. it is out of control. >> we cannot afford this, none of us here can afford this. these children can't afford it. they want us to pay for their mistakes. it's wrong. >> i'm 77-years-old. i've fought in the wars i've been all over the world. i've looked at every society around the world. our society is the best because we are the freest. because we have the least
10:56 pm
government interfere . that's what makes us great. that's what these people are here about today. >> greta: next, where do you think rush limbaugh stands on health care? take a wild guess. i've been growing algae for 35 years. most people try to get rid of algae, and we're trying to grow it. the algae are very beautiful. they come in blue or red, golden, green. algae could be converted into biofuels... that we could someday run our cars on.
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[ female announcer ] make the retirement cornerstone annuity from axa equitable part of your retirement plan. consider the charges, risks, expenses and investment objectives before purchasing a variable annuity. contact a financial professional for a prospectus containing this information. read it carefully. whoo hoo! don:'s easy to access low walprices. but..... don: ...say you live out here. don: can you get affordable prescriptions from walmart? now you can. i'm don, and my job is to make sure you can get free home delivery of your medications... don: ...whether you live here... don: ...or here. a 90 day supply of many popular generics is just $10. don: plus get free shipping on over 3,000 other generic and branded prescriptions. don: call 1-800-2-refill for your free home delivery. save money. live better. walmart. >> greta: health care fight sharply divided the country. powerful voices are digging in and fight together bitter end. no surprise here, rush limbaugh is not happy and
10:59 pm
thinks you're getting. >> we're going to start demanding benefits. we want premium reductions now, access to free services now like free preventive care. mammograms. we want the deficit reduction starting now. and all promises, today. we don't want the promises in 2014. we don't want them in 2019. we want it now. we want all of the goodies in this bill to have-to-happen immediately this, bill, with all of this magic if the bill is christmas, why wait until december? let's have christmas in march. >> greta: health care bill is the law of the land. but take this to bank. the health care fight not close to over. battles are coming in court. some republicans are using the "r" word, repeel. on the record will be here giving you the inside story every step of the way. thanks for being with us for this special on the record, good night, from washington.

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